Employers in the joblinQ Community

  • Gain a competitive edge using our software to effectively find candidates with the right skillset using the proprietary joblinQ interactive interview
  • Financial benefits by identifying those candidates that many qualify for significant tax incentives (WOTC)
  • Improved reputation by partnering with an association (joblinQ) with a known charter to help place individuals in good places to work
  • Benefit from indirect marketing campaigns such as the joblinQ Veterans sponsorships.
  • Get additional exposure via direct marketing on joblinQ and affiliated websites
  • Job postings have better conversions that generic job boards such as Indeed
  • Access to expert job templates and concierge services to create targeted and highly effective job postings.

At joblinQ we serve mid-tier to Fortune 500 companies across the Nation in the commercial, business and military markets.

joblinQ enables Employers to increase efficiency and revenue by connecting you with the right talent for a skilled position, leadership and development roles.

Our trusted methodology is collaborative. Our proven technology is designed to take the risk out of the employment process for both our clients and your candidates. We specialize in the skilled trades. We provide well equipped talent ready for the challenges in your unique fields. Through our process, you can be sure that the workers who show up to your jobsite are ready to get the job done right.