Frequently Asked Questions

What is joblinQ?

joblinQ is a trusted community of employers, job seekers, and vocational schools delivering a better way for employers to hire, a better place for employees to work, and a better platform for trade groups and vocational schools to grow their memberships.

What we do?

Our community represents the industry’s first comprehensive employment service built upon the synergy that we place skilled workers for industrial construction, manufacturing projects and all skills within the job force for Veterans, Job Seekers, and Vocational Schools.

What Community Does joblinQ support?

We support the Veteran community and skilled workers. We place skilled workers for industrial construction and manufacturing projects.

How do you find workers?

Our unique technology brings a seamless collaboration of opportunity to job seekers and Veterans. Our platform is always searching for the right fit between employee and employer.

How much does joblinQ cost as a worker?

It’s free for workers!

How much does joblinQ cost as an employer?

We tailor our services to suit the Employer. We offer a suite of products and pricing plans. For more information please contact your sales representative.

Do you work with ex-felons?

Yes, we are able to place people who have committed felonies in the past, with many of our Employers. Having a conviction is not a disqualification for getting employment.

Do you work with Veterans?

Yes, joblinQ works hard to recruit veterans from all backgrounds and skill sets.

Do you offer training?

joblinQ has affiliations with Vocational Schools that offer Education and Training for the Workforce. If you would like us to refer you to a vocational school in your area, just fill out the CONTACT US page.

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